Fire & Rescue

It is the



Call 911 for  Emergency  Station: 712.362.2453 Non-Emergency 

of the Estherville Fire Department to preserve life and property; promote public safety; and foster community support services in a professional manner.

Iowa Fire Memorial

The Fire department goes way back to  the 1870’s when the first bucket brigade was established by a few public spirited men. Later they added a hose cart and a hand pump. Water came from a well in downtown Estherville near the present location of our library.In 1884 they formed the first organized volunteer fire dept. They called it the Estherville Fire and Rescue Company #1. The horse drawn hose cart and pump was pulled by the first mans team to get to the fire station. He was paid $1 for the team. They bought their first motorized truck in about 1911. It was a 1910 Wilco Chain Drive Fire truck.